Did you ever wonder what your life would be like if we did not have electric lights, washing machines, cars, or computers? Our world changes every time there is an important invention.
We will learn about the lives of great inventors and how they achieved their goals. Take a moment to think about which inventions are most important to you.You will travel through the WORLD WIDE WEB in search of inventors and their inventions. Through this exploration you may discover how these inventions were created!




First choose two inventors from the list below to research
1. Louis Pasteur
2. Steve Jobs 
3. Henry Ford
4. Robert Goddard
5. Thomas Edison
6. Leonardo Da Vinci
7. Alexander Graham Bell
8. Dmitri Mendeleev









Using the research sources find information about two inventors and answer the questions into Inventor Research Sheet in your own words.


Thomas Edison

Louis Pasteur
Steve Jobs
Henry Ford
Alexander Graham Bell
Robert Goddard
Leonardo Da Vinci

Dmitri Mendeleev





You have been given a list of sixteen inventors. Their inventions are unknown. First, draw in your exersice book the Inventors List. Then, surf the net and write the invention next to the correct inventor.
Famous Scientists







Albert Einstein→


Alfred Nobel→




Ivan Pavlov→


Galileo Galilei→


Nicolaus Copernicus→


Robert Bosch→


Benjamin Franklin→


Nikola Tesla→


James Watson→


John Ray→


Pierre Curie→


Thomas Alva Edison→


Isaac Newton→


E. O. Wilson→


Michael Faraday→